Man confesses to murder of Sherman woman, according to court document

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 5:51 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - According to an affidavit, 31-Year-old Brandon Tom confessed to detectives that he sexually assaulted 28-year-old Elizabeth Clarice Harrison and then murdered her to prevent her from telling law enforcement.

The affidavit said Harrison’s husband called the police on Wednesday concerned because she did not return home from visiting Tom, a friend, after working the previous night.

A family member tells KXII she went to check on Tom, who was described as a family friend because his grandmother had recently passed away.

Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement said her husband called again, this time with new information about her car parked behind Tom’s residence and abandoned.

According to the affidavit, Harrison’s husband also saw Tom running from the back door when he forced entry into his residence, leaving children another party left in his care.

The next day, police said in the document Tom was found in a creek bed near Bethany Road unresponsive and incoherent, possibly due to an overdose of anxiety and depression medicines.

It said detectives met with Tom at Wilson N. Jones, where they said he confessed.

“With every offense, the police department works diligently to get the best result for the victim, and in this case our heart goes out as an agency to the victim’s families as they grieve at this time,” said Lt. Jeremy Cox with Sherman Police.

Police said Harrison’s body was found near Tom’s residence with his blood and saliva on the scene.

He is now in the Grayson County jail on over 1.5 Million in bonds, also facing charges of abandoning and endangering a child along with sexual assault and murder.

Several of her friends have told KXII, that Harrison was a kind-hearted person with an incredible talent for singing.

The family has a GoFundMe up.

They said donations will help pay for funeral expenses.

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