Beto O’Rourke continues his campaign tour in Gainesville

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 11:02 PM CDT
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GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) - Democrat candidate for governor, Beto O’Rourke roused supporters Friday in Gainesville.

Beto answered questions ranging from gun violence to healthcare.

One mother, Carla Cowdrey shared why she came out to show support.

She said, “I came to Beto’s rally today to voice my concern for children in the medicaid waiver programs.”

Carla Cowdrey came from Decatur, Texas with her son, who is disabled and on a waiting list to receive specialized health care.

Cowdrey said, “My son has been on the waiver list for 13 years, and I think we have another 7 more to go.”

Cowdrey was among a room filled with people wanting to hear more about Beto’s platform, but outside the church, supporters of Governor Greg Abbott voiced their opinion.

Jerry Antrim said, “I think we’re going down the wrong road to freedom, and I came out to support the good guys.”

Earlier this week, Beto gained attention for using explicit language to a heckler’s reaction to comments he made about the Uvalde shooting.

After today’s event, I asked him about his reaction.

He said, “There’s nothing more serious, nothing more important than getting justice for those families in Uvalde... than preventing the next school massacre, as the next school year is starting.”

This is Beto’s second visit to North Texas in less than a month, about midway on his 49 day campaign tour across Texas.

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