Developers of Woodmen Circle Home plan to bring new life to the land

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 6:12 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -More than three months have passed since the demolition of Woodmen Circle Home and the developers are ready to bring new life to the land by bringing somewhere hundreds of Shermanites can call home once again.

“The City knew from the time that we’re talking about participating in the demolition of Woodmen Circle Home that the likely long term use for that property was going to be as a multi-family development,” said Nate Strauch, Sheman Communications Manager.

While nothing has been approved by the city, Woodmen Circle developers are looking to build a complex that consists of 331 units of both single and double bedrooms.

“But this Woodmen Circle project is one of maybe half dozen that is in the planning stages right now,” said Strauch.

The city is eagerly welcoming these developments.

“We’ve known for several years now that the city does not have enough apartments. Typically, the city of our size, we like to say about 50/50 split between single family homes and multiple family homes, the City of Sherman is not anywhere close to that right now,” Strauch added.

The developers also plan to request 530 parking spaces on the lot, in spite of the required 662 spaces that the city requires.

“The City of Sherman has a very high parking requirements, compared to a lot of other cities around here, especially cities for the south, so it’s very common for apartments to say ‘you know we don’t actually think we need all these space’ and typically those requests are granted but it’s really taken on a case by case basis by the board of adjustments,” Strauch said.

These requests were scheduled to be presented to Planning and Zoning on Tuesday, but due to the developers wanting to make some last minute adjustments, these requests could be presented as soon as next month.

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