Fugitive broke into home through doggy door, Marshall County woman says

Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 6:31 PM CDT
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - A fugitive out of Grayson County was arrested Wednesday morning after an overnight manhunt in Marshall County.

Bobbi Weeks said her husband Lance saw a man with dark hair walking in front of their porch Wednesday morning. He went inside and called 911.

“The cops came back up here and they searched and didn’t find him,” Weeks said.

She said she had heard about the manhunt through a neighborhood watch group the night before, and made sure all her doors were locked.

“And I figured too, he was probably looking at cars to see if there were keys or anything,” Weeks said.

Sheriff Donald Yow said that the pursuit started last night in the southern part of the county.

When deputies approached Jones, he rammed two patrol vehicles and took off in a car that had been stolen in Kingston.

After a short pursuit, he jumped out of the car and hid into the woods, the sheriff’s office said.

After deputies finished searching, Lance took their daughter to school.

“My husband had asked a deputy if it was ok for us to take my daughter to school, and the deputy thought it would be fine,” Weeks said.

Just a few minutes later, she was drinking her coffee when she heard a crash.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you until it does,” Weeks said. “Cause I never thought- that’s what I told my husband, ‘I never would have let you leave if I was scared.’ I mean I was just like ‘No, its fine, there’s cops everywhere.’”

Weeks got up to see what it was.

“The guy was coming in my doggy door,” Weeks said. “And I just started screaming for him to get out of my house. He stood up and looked at me and was asking ‘please no, no, no,’ and I was trying to get to my front door because I had locked them both knowing that he was out and about. I was trying to get those unlocked. I just kept yelling at him to get out of my house.”

She said instinct took over-she started calling for help and ran up the road.

“I don’t think he knew that somebody was in the house,” Weeks said. “I think probably he was going to come in and get shoes, clothes, whatever, thinking that nobody was in there. So I think that it probably surprised him that I was actually in the house, even though there was a car here. But he saw two people leave and he saw the doggy door and knew that would be a way to get in.”

Officers and deputies were close by and heard her screams, and soon after Clay Lee Jones was found in the brambles behind the Weeks’ house, according to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

“I feel like the good Lord protected me cause there’s just no way that explains why he didn’t come after me,” Weeks said. “Knowing those doors were locked and I couldn’t get out of them.”

The Weeks said they’re grateful the sheriff’s department continued the search through the night and responded so quickly the next morning.

Yow said Jones now faces charges in Marshall County, and will be extradited to Grayson County later.

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