Businesses are trying new ways to entice potential employees

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 4:27 PM CDT
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(KXII) -Worker shortages are not anything new, but what is new is how employers are enticing potential employees while still maintaining their business.

Co-owner of Best Burger Barn, Rick Rambo said, “at this point, I think like most small businesses across the states, if you’re breathing, we’ll hire you.”

According to Workforce Solutions Texoma, 2,500 people in Grayson County are unemployed.

“But we have over 67,000 people in the workforce,” said Executive Director of Workforce Solutions Texoma, Janie Bates.

Meaning job seekers have more options and meaning more competition between employers.

“But if you’re the employer, you’re having a hard time filling some of your vacancies, especially things that might have a specific skill set that’s required,” added Bates.

So employers are trying new methods to entice employees.

“We’re up two dollars an hour, over where we were before,” said Rambo.

Even going as far as allowing employees to create their own schedule.

“You will find that your locally small owned businesses are going to be very very flexible with you, if you want to come in for example at our restaurants at 9 o’clock in the morning and just prep all the food for the day for a couple of hours and then go home, we’ll take ya,” said Rambo.

For some Texoma businesses, this approach is working.

“People through COVID got a lot of flexibility,” added Bates.

Yet for other businesses, even these efforts aren’t enough.

“We’re operating the restaurants with less than half of the people that we need to operate it, our general managers and our executive staff work the restaurants every single week,” Rambo said.