The update Durant residents have been waiting for

city council address issues regarding construction on University Blvd
Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 11:39 PM CDT
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DURANT, Oklahoma (KXII) - Many businesses along University Blvd have been hurting.

Barista at Hot Shots Coffee, Hailey Weaver said,“We were loosing about 4 or 500 dollars a day through sales.”

Over nine months of construction has caused Hot Shots Coffee to miss out on customers.

Weaver said, “We just wouldn’t get a bunch of the people running late or out of towners or people who don’t fit it into their schedule throughout the day. We’d be losing all those people.”

Contractors in charge of Durant’s $3.1 million project have missed their deadline twice now and residents are demanding answers.

The issue was addressed at Tuesday’s’ city council meeting.

Officials at the meeting revealed that construction may not be complete until December 27th.

What is causing the hold up?

Durant’s City Attorney, Thomas Marcum, said, “We didn’t have a lot of the things we have now. Frankly we didn’t have a construction schedule. We didn’t have some of the things that we have now, and there’s probably a couple more things that we need to have.”

However, some council members are fed up.

The board said they may even consider changing contractors.

Marcum said, “I would like to get the bonding company involved to see what their status is before we make that decision.”

Which leaves Durant residents still in the dark on when they may see a new University Blvd.