Oklahoma native wins bronze medal in The world archery 3D Championships

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 11:04 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Shiloh Butts fell in love with archery after watching robin hood as a kid.

He said, “it was the original one with Kevin Costner... they were making all the equipment before some battle that they were having in the movie.”

Which inspired him.

Shiloh said, ” I used to go out in the pasture, cut down cedar trees and make my own bows.”

Shiloh started competing in archery competitions at 13.

Now at 34, he represented Team USA, along with three other archers, all the way in Italy.

Shiloh said, “Where we shot the finals for the tournament was actually at a site of you know old Roman ruins.”

Last week’s world archery 3D championships are not the type of competition most people are used to seeing.

Shiloh said, “With Olympic style archery they shoot at the great big paper...they’re set at a set distance, they know how far they’re going to be every single place they go. Whereas 3D archery, you’re actually covering ground in the woods and in different scenarios.”

The six day event resulted in a final match against Austria and when the final scores were in, Shiloh said,” I turned around and the opposing fellow that I was shooting against, his coach reached out to me and said congratulations then I turned to my coach and said, I won?”

At the end of the competition, Shiloh brought home a bronze medal, and after spending two weeks in Italy, he said, “The first thing I wanted when I got off that plane was a Dr. Pepper and a cheeseburger.”