Grayson Co. Volunteer Fire Departments gain new services

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 10:16 PM CDT
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GRAYSON CO., Texas (KXII) -Starting October 1, Tioga and Howe Volunteer Fire Departments will begin their 24/7, 365 EMS Advanced Life Support service.

David Perez, Firefighter/EMS at Howe VFD, said “it’s a historic moment for Howe Fire Department and also for the citizens of Howe, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Tioga City Council member, Kert Hall added, “it’s just gonna raise the quality of health and the quality of life in our community immensely, it’s a huge opportunity for the City of Tioga.”

All made possible by the partnership with Texas Vital Care.

“This new partnership is going to bring us why faster response times, it’s going to cut down on our wait time at certain scenes,” said Howe Fire Chief, Robert Maniet.

This service is greatly needed as both areas are seeing constant growth.

“The number of calls and the amount of volume of citizens we’re getting and all that, it’s actually more beneficial for us to have this here on hand, ready to go,” Chief Maniet said.

Both Tioga and Howe have been given a stationed ambulance.

“As it is right now, our ambulance comes out of Whitesboro and its 15 to 20 minutes out,” Tioga Fire Chief, Richard Hartman said.

Along with 24/7 Vital Care Personnel, “they’re bringing over some highly skilled paramedics and emts that have done this for quite some time,” Chief Maniet.

And both departments are eager to better serve their community with these new resources.

“October the 1st from nine to eleven, we’re going to have a welcome breakfast here where the community is gonna get involved and come up and help welcome the new company,” said Chief Hartman.

“Just trust us with this, it’s a big ask but it’s also going to help a lot of people in the community,” Perez added.