“I’m miserable...would they want to live like this?” - Sherman woman says her apartment is unlivable

Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 6:29 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - A Sherman woman said her apartment is falling apart right before her eyes.

A tearful Mallory Wilson said, “I am so miserable, they wouldn’t want to live, would they want to live like this?”

Wilson is in tears because her home is in shambles.

After discovering a leak in her hallway, she reached out to maintenance, who attempted to fix the problem.

Wilson said, “They said they fixed it. They didn’t fix it.”

Which led to her bathroom ceiling collapsing.

A few weeks later, a cracked pipe from the apartment above Wilson’s caused her kitchen to flood.

While mopping up the mess, she said, “I slipped, and I had to go to the emergency room, all the side of my face was swollen.”

Still, Wilson reached out to management for help.

She said, “They gave me an emergency line to call, and when you call that number, it shuts off.”

When Wilson couldn’t get the help she needed, her son went to his boss, Kevin Adlof, who specializes in home mitigation.

Adlof said, “We’ve had equipment in here for several weeks now and it’s still dripping and pouring out.”

Which Adlof said is a major health hazard.

He said, “normally after two or three days you’ll start having microbial growth, which can form mold.”

Wilson said she has been dealing with this issue for about 2 months.

Monday morning, things got worse.

Wilson explained, “She said the fire department had to come out this morning because one of the electrical outlets were arcing because of the water.”

When firefighters arrived, they told Wilson it was a good idea that she called.

She said, “Because it could have caused a fire if I wouldn’t have called them, and he said this place is unlivable.”

News 12 reached out to Westwood Garden Apartments regarding this issue.

A representative said the person who could answer questions is out until Wednesday.

The representative did not wish to release a formal statement.