A+ Athlete: Fisher Hurt, Tushka

Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 2:12 PM CDT
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ATOKA, Okla. (KXII) - This week’s A+ Athlete is Fisher Hurt of Tushka High School.

Fisher is a member of the National Honor Society, has served as a class and state officer for Oklahoma FCCLA, and is enrolled in concurrent classes through Connors State University. As he looks to use all that to propel him towards his ultimate goal of becoming a State Trooper.

“The best students that you have are the well-rounded students that can do everything, and he can,” said Tushka Family Consumer Science teacher Peggy Chambers. “He became an officer at a different level that our high school Like I said, he stepped out of his comfort zone and did something different. He played both sports and it took me and him both, but we were able to do everything he wanted to do, and he never missed a game.”

“I mean I’m not going to say that I love doing the schoolwork, but I aspire to be a state trooper once I get older, so it takes a two-year degree,” said Hurt. “I’m really adamant on making sure my grades are good enough to get into the colleges that I would like to go to.”

Fisher excels in his athletics just as much, as a member of the varsity basketball team, Fisher helped lead the Tigers to three district titles, one area title, and one state championship. Then on the diamond, Fisher has helped bring home two district titles and a regional crown as a member of Tushka baseball.

“Fisher, he’s a very reliable and good teammate. One of our leaders of this team,” said Tushka Basketball head coach Chris Zike. “This year he’s always holding everyone accountable, the expectations are high, and he wants everyone’s expectations to be the same as his.”

“I think a lot of it’s like, you learn from experience. So, in sports you know that if you mess up, you can go back and you can try it again. It’s not the end of the world, you know?” said Hurt. “So, I think it’s a good thing to pick up in your sports and in your everyday regular life that you can fall, and you just have to pick yourself up and go at it again.”