The City of Denison unveils the Grayson Berry Memorial Plaza

Published: Oct. 20, 2022 at 10:36 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Tears were shed and memories were shared today as the Denison community came together to honor the memory of Grayson berry.

Grayson berry was only 10 years old when he passed away in 1960, when his bicycle collided with a truck.

He left behind many people who loved him and Thursday, the City of Denison and the Berry family made sure his name is not forgotten.

Grayson’s sister, Kris Berry- Mckinney said, “We’re just so proud that the city can have this here because it was a block where our family spent many years working.”

Only kind words were shared as people remembered the little boy with so much to offer.

Denison Mayor, Janet Gott said, “Grayson was a very bright light, he was a very personable young man, and he changed the lives of everyone he touched.”

The memorial, located on main street near the police station, also features other people and events that were a part of Denison’s history.

Gott said, “We celebrate him, we celebrate those that came before him, and those that have come after him.”

Thursday, after all of the tears have been shed and the kind words were exchanged, Grayson Berry’s sister shared why this memorial is so special.

She said, “This has been done to help our city and to help educate some of us that even grew up here and didn’t know about these events.”

Now, anyone walking along main street can be reminded of the history that makes the city of Denison so unique.