Bonham’s $60 million school bond gets a second chance

Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 11:10 PM CDT
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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) - Bonham ISD is hoping to make major changes to its school system and the price tag is pretty hefty.

Superintendent Kelly Trompler said, “The bond proposal is in the amount of $60 million. The biggest amount of the monies would be spent at L.H Rather junior high.”

In addition to safety improvements, Trompler said the bond will bring much needed practical improvements.

She explained the bond will, “Have all of our kids at L.H Rather under one roof, for all of their classes, lunch and all of their activities. overcrowding, we would be able to eliminate portables at both Finely-Oats Elementary and L.H Rather.”

Despite the bond failing by one vote in May, there were no people opposed to the bond present at Wednesday’s town hall meeting.

So why did the bond fail in the first place?

Resident Kelly Royse shared her opinion and said, “There are a lot of reasonable arguments against it, mainly because people don’t have the time to come and listen to the board meetings. most of the board meetings talk about what type of expenditures need to happen.”

However, Royse said she is all for the school bond because of the city’s new growth.

Royse said, “As these new homes, new businesses are coming onto the tax rolls, that we can have this money to spend on the large campaigns, the new buildings.”

So what happens if the bond fails come November 8th?

Will tax rates increase or decrease?

Trompler said, “If the bond passes, the tax rate will remain at 34 cents. If the bond does not pass, it will remain at 34 cents, because that is what is needed to pay our current series 2012 and 2019 debt.”

For further information about Bonham’s 60-million-dollar school bond, visit Bonham ISD Bond 2022.