Owner offering reward for stolen pickup used in burglary spree

Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 10:36 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - This white 1986 Ford-250 has been a special part of the Cheek family for nearly 34 years.

“Seven, eight years ago, dad came to me and said, ‘hey you can have my truck’ and I said, ‘hey that’s great, it’s a family heirloom.’ So, I pulled it out the pasture,” Jamie Cheek said.

After getting the vintage truck up and running, Jamie used the truck as a way to bond with his two boys.

“We started using it as a farm truck and going to the farm and the property and they were fishing out of it, just using it, working with putting gravel in the back. Just using it the way it needed to be used.”

Then Sunday night, Jamie received a frantic phone call from his co-worker saying their office in McKinney had been burglarized.

“Another co-worker of mine who was on site said, ‘Hey they took your truck, too.”

That same suspect then fled to Denison where he burglarized a Chicken Express, using the trailer hitch on Jamie’s pick-up truck as a tool to break in.

“On the cameras what we saw was that he grabbed a hitch from the back of the truck and threw it through the window, the back bottom glass of the window of the door,” Chicken Express General Manager Christina Salas said. “He was able to get in and go for the registers.”

The suspect even took off with the store’s safe.

Denison Police are still looking for the suspect and have not yet located Jamie’s truck.

Cheek is offering $1,000 cash reward to get his family’s truck back.

If you’ve seen the suspect or the stolen truck, please contact the Denison Police Department.