Tenants at multiple Sherman apartment complexes go without water after property management group fails to pay utility bills

Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 12:09 AM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Residents have been without water for over 24 hours and Tuesday night they faced the possibility of having no electricity.

However, residents say all of the bills are paid for, at least on their end.

One tenant who preferred to remain anonymous said, “Who are these people that own this place. I mean we’re human beings, we’re not trash. They want their money, we give them their money, but we don’t deserve this kind of treatment.”

Resident Doris Benson said, “We have to live. this is unsanitary for us to come out here where we cannot go take our baths or cook our food or use our toilets or flush our toilets.”

While tenant Rachel Whiteley said, “I’ve been paying my rent every month on time and there was nothing said, and I just got up one morning and no water.”

According to The City of Sherman, Apex East Coast LLC, which owns multiple apartment complexes across Texoma, is more than $20,000 behind on their water bills.

While the utilities are included in the lease with Apex, one tenant says she’s been paying a separate utility bill to Multifamily Utility Company in San Diego.

When she called the 1-800 number listed on her bill, she said, “They checked my name, my account number, and everything and they said, we don’t have anything of you, and I told them the name of this property and they told me the owner must have skipped out.”

However, not everyone received a separate utility bill and even though a separate payment was made by a tenant, it didn’t prevent the water being shut off to the entire complex.

Resident Rena Gandy said, “When it comes down to the utilities not being paid, and people being put out, how do we hold them accountable? There is nothing in place to hold these people accountable.”

However, The City of Sherman said it has made multiple attempts to reach Apex about the issue and received limited or no response.

In a statement, The City of Sherman said, “This habitual abuse of people’s trust has left both the residents and the city in a very difficult position. We’re looking into our legal options to hold this company accountable, but in the meantime, water service is being restored for the residents on Archer Street. It is unfair that they have become the victims of someone else’s refusal to pay.”

The City of Sherman also spoke with Fred Werkenthin at the Attorney General’s Office concerning the complaints they have received about Apex Property Management. While citizens are welcome to call the Consumer Protection Hotline (800-621-0508), the information they will receive is as follows:

  1. If they wish to make a formal complaint, it must be submitted in writing. They can do this online here or they can complete the attached form and mail it in.