5-year-old girl who inspired many, leaves a big legacy behind

Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Five-year-old Charlotte Marie Brooks is a name that won’t soon be forgotten.

“Definitely had the odds stacked against her but she fought really hard,” said mom, Stephanie Brooks.

Everyday of Charlotte Brook’s life was a miracle.

“She actually was born completely blue and had to be resuscitated,” Brooks said.

Charlotte had microcephaly, HIE, cerebral palsy, was nonverbal, nonmobile, blind, deaf, and used a feeding tube.

“Nobody wants to go through this,” Brooks added.

Everyday was a challenge, even things as simple as dressing her.

“We found a lot of issues getting her dressed and being able to access her feeding tub or change her diaper in public,” said Brooks.

This frustration inspired the Brooks family to launch the Charlotte Letter, adaptive clothing for children with special needs.

“Just to even see how, its changing their life just by making one extra thing a little easier,” Brooks said.

While caring for Charlotte, Stephanie and her husband launched the company in July of 2021, she says there was a lot to learn, “figuring out what it’s like to start a small business, we didn’t have fashion experience.”

But the greatest lessons were the ones taught by Charlotte, “the importance of rest, that you do have to stop and allow for god to work and even just, the world will convince us that we can do it all and we need each other to come alongside and to help each other,”  Brooks said.

And for the business, the Brook’s family says that since Charlotte’s passing two weeks ago, they’re determined to keep alive the work her life inspired.

“Really trying to reach as many customers as we can but our passion is still alive and well and if not we’re even motivated now,” Brooks added.