Water woes in Howe result in discoloration for some residents

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 10:38 PM CST
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HOWE, Texas (KXII) - Some Howe residents are experiencing a shocking change to the water that they use to cook their food and wash their clothes.

“Part of the issue right there, with people calling, they’re having some discoloration with water, some of it looks dirty, some of it looks yellow,” city administrator Jeff Stanley said.

It’s a problem Stanley said is caused by a number of reasons.

“All over town, we’re getting water line breaks and some of that is from earlier in the summer with all of the shifting.

That’s not the only reason. Stanley said the city changed its water source.

“Well we changed, right before Thanksgiving, from just well water to a surface water, well water blend.”

Which is why, according to Stanley, the water is discolored. However, he said the color doesn’t affect the water’s quality.

“Most of the town is on this water and most of the population isn’t having any problems at all.”

One resident, who chooses to remain anonymous, disagreed, she said she is having problems.

“This started over a week ago. The water was brown and rusty looking, so I called to see if it was safe to drink, and they said it absolutely was. So I put it through my zero water filter and the water didn’t taste right. It ruined the filter. Then it started ruining my clothes. "

So she said she ran the washing machine twice without any clothes to see if that might fix the issue.

“The water gets better, and then all of a sudden, it’s back to brown again just when I thought it was safe to do laundry.”

Now she said she doesn’t trust the water at all, not just when doing laundry, but also when drinking it.

I asked Stanley if the water is, in fact, safe to drink.

“Now you have to think to yourself, do I want to drink this? I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t recommend anybody else to drink it, but it is completely safe.”

“When I tell you that its safe, that’s safe on TCEQ standards.”

The city said it is currently working on a resolution to clear the water.