Fireworks may induce stress & anxiety in pets

Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 5:47 PM CST
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(KXII) -The countdown to New Year’s Eve is coming to an end and with fireworks going off this weekend, pet owners should keep in mind their pet’s and their sensitivity to sound, as the fireworks might unleash some anxiety.

“Usually whenever there’s fireworks or any loud noises, it’s good to keep windows and doors shut, keep them inside,” said Savannah Grace, Office Manager at 49th Street Veterinary Clinic.

Grace also suggested to confine your pets to one room, “put them in a secluded area, wherever the family is, like you can go in the living room, or in a room. Just don’t give them a big huge area cause it’s just over stimulating, especially with all those loud noises.”

If your dog is having a rough time, they might show these signs, “they will usually pace, you know severe panting, they’ll salivate really bad,” said Grace.

Feelings of anxiety or nervousness can even cause them to gnaw on surrounding items, “they can tear up your carpet, start eating your drywall, because it makes them so nervous,” Grace added.

If your four-legged friend is having these symptoms, compression helps most dogs, “anything to make them feel like they’re okay, like they’re being held does help, those storm vests do help, some dogs need a little bit more than others,” Grace said.

Background noise can also help, “like your TV, music, anything that keeps them distracted,” said Grace.

There’s even medication to calm down your furry friends, “you can use, just calming supplements. Benadryl is a really good one, anything with Tryptophan in it, and you can get those at Petsense, Petco, things like that.”

And there’s one more tip, if you plan to pop fireworks in your backyard, “do it far enough away so they don’t have to hear it,” Grace added.