Experts warn drivers as winter weather moves into Texoma

Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 4:58 PM CST
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Texas (KXII) -The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is pre-treating roads in preparation for Tuesday’s weather…

TxDOT said all main travel corridors are being treated, that includes US 75, interstates, bridges, and overpasses known to freeze.

But even though the road you drive on may not reach the freezing point, experts insist you should never let your guard down.

Forecasters say Tuesday will be cold and rainy and that rain will transition to heavy, wet snow.

So drivers need to prepare now.

Lt. Jeremy Cox with Sherman Police said “remember that in the morning, the cold weather does affect car batteries so you might want to check and make sure that your car battery is good, if it’s a little bit older you can do that at a mechanic shop or even a parts store.”

And if you’re low on gas, AAA said it’s a good idea to fill up.

“Keep you gas tank at least half full, you can have gas line freeze up if your gasoline tank is too low, the chances are low but it’s possible and if that does happen it can be costly to repair,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Spokesperson.

Lt. Cox said warming up your car before you leave home is a good idea but only if you pay attention.

“If you are going to leave your vehicle running, make sure that you lock it if possible because a running vehicle sitting in your driveway is a prime candidate for becoming missing,” said Lt. Cox.

Lt. Cox also suggested leaving early to get where you’re going on time and safely, “and then as your driving give yourself a little more distance then you might normally between you and the driver in front of you, that way it gives you a chance to react and slow down on slick conditions.”

If you did find yourself in a situation where you are sliding on the road, “don’t panic, steer into the skid and don’t over correct, let off the gas immediately, don’t apply the breaks,” said Lt. Cox.

And the biggest cause of crashes during winter weather, “speed is the number one thing, people going to fast for the weather conditions,” added Lt. Cox.

“And those are usually the ones you will see in the ditch,” Armbruster said.

Until our winter weather conditions lift, TxDOT will be checking road conditions in the event they need more treatment.