REBA! Take a look at the grand opening of Reba’s Place

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 10:33 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 26, 2023 at 10:46 PM CST
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ATOKA, Okla. (KXII) - REBA! Need us to say more? From Grammy’s, to her TV show, and now to her grand opening of her entertainment and dining venue right here in Southeastern Oklahoma.

After a year and a half, the grand opening of Reba’s Place has finally come to light, with the partnership of the Choctaw Nation, City of Atoka, and of course Reba McEntire, Reba’s Place is finally open in downtown Atoka.

This is a place where Reba called home, a place where she grew up, and place where she has all of her childhood memories, now a place to create more memories with her oldest and newest friends.

“This has been a dream come true,” Reba said.

From her announcement at her first concert back since the pandemic, all eyes and ears have been on when this day would finally come.

The three story historic building in downtown Atoka, will soon be one of the biggest tourism attractions to hit Southeastern Oklahoma.

“When the community joined together like they did and city council came to me and asked me to do this, when I saw their passion for it, then I saw the building, 15 thousand square feet, three floors, the top floor was the masonic temple and I thought wow what history, what stories to be told,” Reba said.

And stories are some of Reba’s favorite things, whether that be in her songs or her dishes, creating new memories and new stories is something she was ready to make.

“I’m a professional restaurant go-er and the best thing I can make is a reservation so I know nothing about it except what’s good and what’s bad,” Reba said.

And the food at Reba’s Place is part of her stories, from southern cooking to location based items like Nashville Hot chicken and New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, Reba was hands on in every aspect of this project.

“Early on I put together a questionnaire and sent it out to Reba and it wasn’t like you write this menu, it was, what do you like to eat, what don’t you like to eat, what do you like to drink, what don’t you like to drink and use that as just kinda a starting point for the conversation so that we’d have a list and built it from there,” Chef.

When walking into Reba’s Place you can expect live music, amazing food, gift shops, a sentimental library section from her moms, and of course a rip roaring good time.

“What I’ve gotten to see so far is just a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into the making,” Reba said.

Reba’s Place is open every day of the week.