Mom, kids rescued from car sliding into pond off icy Bryan County road

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 5:57 PM CST
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MEAD, Okla. (KXII) - Scary moments Thursday for a Bryan County family as a mother and her two children began sliding on an icy road into a pond unable to stop.

“It was imminent that the vehicle was going to slide off into the pond,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Scott Hampton said.

Hampton said due to the slick condition of the road at the Hilltop RV Park off US-70 in Mead, not only was the mother unable to reverse but she was unable to safely exit the vehicle and get her children to safety, as her car was just inches from slipping into the pond.

“These water temperatures, it would be very bad,” Hampton said. “The people were not able to get out of their car and get up the hill under their own traction, it was just too slick so it’s unknown how deep the pond is.”

While the main roads and highways are nearly clear, the roads that lead to those highways were impossible to drive on Thursday.

“It’s just a slick road and the super elevation of the road, just when you hit your brakes you are going the direction of the way the roads were sloping.”

Hampton said before first responders arrived at the scene, a Good Samaritan jumped into action,

“There was a resident of the RV park that obtained a dog cable and had stung it across the road.”

Moments later, multiple agencies quickly took action.

“Our troopers, Choctaw Tribal Police, Bryan County Deputies, EMS, and fire departments all responded out there,” Hampton added.

But it was OHP Trooper Chris Smith who was the first to rush to the scene.

“Our trooper was able to use the dog cable as well as the people that were on scene to help get the two kids out of the car, and the mom out of the car and was able to put the kids inside the patrol car and get them warm and let them stay them until we could get everybody out of the icy area.”

While OHP was there to save the day, they too got stuck in the rescue.

“That area, we actually had three to four patrol cars stuck out there and it was extremely slick,” Hampton said.

But luckily everyone walked away unharmed.

Capt. Hampton said while the roads are starting to look clear, it’s best to just stay put inside until the ice has melted.