Dealing with potholes after icy road conditions

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 6:20 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Icy roads, now melting, but not without leaving a mark.

Grayson County Commissioner, Jeff Whitmire said, “So there’s a lot of moisture that’s worked its way down, gone through that surface so the subsurface is what’s really causing the cracks and the breaks, so there’s going to be a lot of potholes coming up. "

Whitmire said his crews are already starting the process to fix the issue.

He explained, “We’re making the list now on our roads of where those are so that when we send our crews out they can be as efficient as possible hitting those things.”

However, Whitmire warns, the potholes won’t be filled overnight.

He said, “Depending on the type of construction, whether it’s a concrete road or a chipseal road, depends on the kind of repairs to be made. Chipseal roads, we have to have temperatures up above about 45 or 50 degrees to be able to make repairs. “

Although crews may need temperatures to warm up before filling a pothole, officials say residents are able to speed along the process.

If you see a pothole, take note of its location. many Texoma cities have a way to report any road related issues.

City roads, state roads, county roads, which road is which?

Spokesman for the City of Sherman, Nate Strauch said, “Most of the side streets, which is where we get a lot of complaints, of course are city streets. If it’s not our road, we put them on to the next people to put them in the right place. If it is our road, we try to get a crew out there as fast as we can.”

Sherman residents can also look forward to less potholes in general.

Strauch explained, “Council has also authorized the city to hire a full-time pothole crew, so starting in the summertime there’ll be three guys whose sole job is to fill potholes.