Sankofa Journey a walk of celebration and education

Published: Feb. 4, 2023 at 11:17 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The 1930 Sherman Riot Committee and Greyson United kicked off Black History Month with an ushered tour through the former black business region in Sherman.

The walk is influenced by the African concept, Sankofa Journey, which illustrates the importance of learning from the past and just using it for good in the future.

A Houston native came to the walk to experience the impact. " Some of those lawyers could

have passed on their wealth or their knowledge to their kids,” said Malik, “so I think it’s important

to change the narrative because we are people who had black businesses, and we had strong economics and I think that this lesson does that.”

These landmarks highlight significant events in African-American history.

Landmarks like Dr. Porter, who was a local black doctor that continued to care for patients after defending his home,

other stops like Andrews building, which is named the heart of Sherman’s black business district

Parents brought their children to the walk to educate younger generations on the history.

“The truth gets and told said to come out and teach the the real truth,” said Derrick Hughes,

“and let them know their heritage to let them know that they’re just as important and powerful

Sankofa Journey will continue to be a walk and this is their second year in a row they want to

continue to keep the tradition going

These organizations plan to continue to celebrate this month to keep up with the events and festivals follow them on Facebook