A look into Colbert’s new port of entry

Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 5:05 PM CDT
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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -The wait is almost over, Colbert’s previous weigh station is transforming into a port of entry, this will allow a quicker screening process for truckers crossing into the State of Oklahoma.

“The need for weigh stations in this area is pretty critical, it’s a real high traffic, high truck corridor,” said Mills Leslie, Spokesperson of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

And it was necessary for this upgrade on US 69/75.

“The original weigh station was built in the 1960′s,” said Mark Willingham, Director of Transportation for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Willingham said a port of entry has high tech equipment that the weigh station did not, “the electronic screening system is actually built into the road.”

This means before the truck even reaches the port of entry, the weight and dimension of that truck has already been collected.

“Vehicle weight and weather are the biggest factors in road damage,” Willingham said.

But that’s not all the screening system can do.

“We also screen them against a variety of state and federal databases to ensure the vehicle has been properly inspected and is legally compliant with insurance, registration, field tax permits, that sort of thing,” Willingham added.

If the vehicle meets these standards, the driver will see a sign saying “truck bypass weigh station” and they can continue on their journey.

If the driver sees the “must exit” notification, they will be greeted by an officer at the port of entry.

If they chose to ignore this sign, “in that case, the officer will get in their car and chase them down,” Willingham said.

From there the officers can either do a field assessment if possible or ask the driver to turn back around.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission expects opening day sometime this May.