The world’s first reverse cyclists travels around the world, spreading message of peace

Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 5:34 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - “If you love the people, people, they love you,” Biresh Dahal expressed.

The Napal native rides his bike backwards with one intention- to push forward a message of peace.

He said that his inspiration came after witnessing terror within his home country.

“In my country 70,000 people killed, and that time I think, I want to go to around the world. We don’t need to fight, we don’t need to kill people,” Dahal said.

He has traveled to 63 countries and cycled more than 50,000 miles over the past 16 years, but if you ask which city or country has been his favorite so far, he’ll say all of them.

" I respect the world, all countries because, different country, different culture, different people,” Dahal said.

His latest stop is here in Sherman, Texas, where he shows me his collection of accolades presented to him from embassies across the world.

However, now, he shares with me that he’s taking a break.

“I’m resting in this time and my wife, she is pregnant and so I’m taking care of her,” Dahal shared.

While he awaits the birth of his baby, he still wants to inspire others to be better, including himself.

“If I am not changed, I cannot change the world. That means if I love people, people will also love you,” Dahal concluded.

Spreading world peace, brotherhood, and goodwill, one day at a time.