Organizations pushing to conserve water across Oklahoma and Texas

Oklahoma and Texas organizations pushing for water sustainability.
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 10:12 PM CDT
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(KXII) - Wednesday was World Water Day, a time to recognize the value of the critical resource. Both Texas and Oklahoma organizations are looking toward their future water needs.

Charlette Hearne is a founding member of Oklahomans, she said stopping dripping faucets, taking shorter showers and turning off sprinkler timers are some adjustments people are being asked to make.

“We need to conserve every drop,” Hearne said.

In addition, she added that Oklahoma has invested millions into sources like the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer.

“We still struggle with keeping the streams flowing,” Hearne said.

The other side of the Red River also has groups making efforts to make water more sustainable.

National Wildlife Federation Regional Executive Director, Amanda Fuller, said the population is increasing and having water that will last for generations is essential.

“There’s sort of like a keeping pace of our own natural resources that need to happen in conjunction with that growth,” Fuller said.

The federation supports legislation that would allow Texas to put two billion dollars towards water and land projects, like aquifer recharges.

“Ensuring that we’ve got enough water going into those aquifers to keep them at a stable and sustainable level,” Fuller said.

In addition to water quality and quantity initiatives. She added that multiple state officials and organizations are in support as well.

“When you’ve got this big broad base like that and we’re all speaking in unison, I think that’s something legislature takes notice of,” Fuller said.

The bill has support in the house and senate and will soon go through the hearing process.

“You can live months without food, but you can’t go but 5-7 without water. Water is life and it should direct all of our thoughts in legislation, in the way we live and the way we think,” Hearne said.

She said this makes water the most valuable resource.