Hugo resident cleans up vandalized cemetery

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 5:17 PM CDT
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HUGO, Okla. (KXII) - “It was disgraceful. I mean, there was ruts everywhere. Somebody had just taken a vehicle and just did donuts in the cemetery. They had knocked over several tombstones, some tombstones that were been there since 1922,” Hugo resident, Todd Beason said.

After seeing a post on social media about a cemetery that had been vandalized near his home, Beason knew he had to take action.

" I said, man, I’m going to run by there and just see what we’re going to need just to clean it up,” Beason exclaimed.

He described the damage that was discovered over the weekend at Sweet Hill Cemetery and why he was compelled to do something.

“I would hate if my family members would have been buried there and I’d have pulled up and saw their tombstones that had been there for 100 years, destroyed, and that would have been just a shock,” Beason explained.

So, he grabbed his men, some rakes, and a few shovels, and four hours later, the cleanup was complete.

“It was something that it needed to be done regardless of who did it,” Beason said.

But as Beason showed me the renovations him and his team made, he says its simply not enough.

Now he hopes to find someone who can fix some of the broken tombstones, so no relative has to be reminded of the damage made.

“I always tell my guys, it doesn’t take much to be a good person, it really doesn’t,” Beason concluded.