Mercy Ardmore program works to include new moms in delivery decisions

Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 3:18 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Mercy Ardmore launched TeamBirth on Tuesday, a new standard of care for labor and delivery.

Trisha Short with Ariadne Labs said TeamBirth is a way to make sure the expectant mother feels included in her own delivery room.

“We don’t make decisions about our patients out in the hallways or in the nurse’s station, but we really partner with our patients at their bedside to provide dignified, quality, safe care,” Short said.

Mercy Ardmore is joining more than 70 hospitals nationwide using TeamBirth.

Family Birthplace Manager Tracy Dewbre said Mercy nurses want to give patients the best care, and TeamBirth helps them stay focused on what patients want.

“We want them to have that autonomy and power over their own body,” Dewbre said.

Short said historically, that hasn’t always been the case in every hospital.

“Those who have a near miss or who have a traumatic birth experience, what we often hear, there is a theme, that the mother’s voice was not heard,” Short said.

Dewbre said with TeamBirth, if something goes wrong, doctors will tell the mom what’s happening, and she can participate in childbirth decisions.

“No matter what they always have an option,” Dewbre said.

“We’re very hopeful that we’re moving in the right direction to provide equitable care for all patients,” Short said.

TeamBirth uses a whiteboard in each patient’s room to keep track of the birth plan and each patient’s progress

Dewbre said it’s helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“I admitted her 12 hours ago, now I remember now, we’re fixing to deliver, oh she wants delayed cord clamping,” Dewbre said. “And it helps us to remind, keep it fresh on our minds.”

“This gives the patient and her support team the time to really process what the information was and what the plan is,” Short said.