School administrators finalize plans to return to school after Trenton Elementary catches fire

Published: Apr. 11, 2023 at 6:12 PM CDT
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TRENTON, Texas (KXII) - School administrators are still picking up the pieces, as state fire marshals investigate the cause of Monday’s fire at Trenton Elementary.

“Teachers and staff are here today working. We’re trying to finalize formatting plans to get kids back in school this week,” Trenton ISD Superintendent, Jeremy Strickland said.

Despite the fire, Trenton ISD is vowing to finish the academic year strong.

“So,we’re working through navigating some of that process of how we can maneuver things and get our kids back in a safe and orderly manner and be able to take care of them and give them what they need,” Strickland explained.

The superintendent released a comprehensive game plan Tuesday afternoon, that he says is a result of a community effort.

“It’s a blessing to see how the people around us are supporting us and making an impact on us right now, which in turn is going to continue to make an impact on our kids,” he said.

In a statement, Strickland said that the smoke damage has been remediated, and it is safe for 3rd- 12th grade students to return to the building on Wednesday.

The biggest change will be for PREK - 2nd grade students.

They will return to school on Friday, finishing out the school year at the local Methodist and Baptist churches.

“So, we’re grateful for all of the people that are reaching out and trying to support us through this challenging time,” Strickland expressed.

Trenton ISD has also organized a way of finding out what resources the school needs.

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