How to be prepared for an active shooter situation

Experts give tips on reacting in an active shooter situation.
Published: May. 11, 2023 at 6:16 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - “The biggest misconception is the belief that the police or someone else is going to save you,” retired chief of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit, Dr. Gregory M. Vecchi exclaimed.

He says, don’t wait for the police to arrive to act.

“If you can get away, get away, and I call that escaping. Some people call it running, but escape is, I think, is a better term,” Vecci said.

He added that it’s important to know where you’re escaping to.

An exit may cause you to be trapped with the shooter.

“If you get to an exit and it doesn’t work, know where your next exit is, and more importantly, know what’s beyond that exit,” Vecchi continued.

If escaping isn’t an option, experts say try and hi turn out the lights in the room you’re in, lock the door, and push something heavy in front of it to deter the shooter, and if you can’t do that, fight.

“It’s basically fighting for your life and fending off the attacker, so that’s basically what is taught in most civilian response to active shooter courses right now.” Sherman Police Sergeant Brett Mullen said.

He says there are now even more resources available for the public to use to better prepare themselves.

“There are local businesses in the area, people who teach these sorts of things, and you can reach out to them as well for training,” Mullen explained.

For more resources to prepare for active shooter situations, contact the Sherman Police Department.