Denison home struck by lightning during Monday’s storms

Rumsey said she and her husband were home when suddenly, “I heard things start falling.”
Published: May. 16, 2023 at 5:14 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -A Denison couple lost their home to smoke damage after Monday night’s storms.

I spoke with home owner Sherry Rumsey, she was inside the home before it caught flames and was able to swiftly get herself and her husband out just in time.

“I was sitting in my den, and it was little after eight, and I heard this horrible popping sound, and the house shook,” Rumsey said.

Rumsey said she and her husband were home when suddenly, “I heard things start falling.”

They ran outside to see what happened.

A lightning strike sparked a fire on their chimney, “we called 911, and they were very fast to get here and did a fantastic job of helping us out,” Rumsey said.

Rumsey considers herself lucky, “it did not go up in flames. We have a blown in insulation, so it’s like a foam ice chest and so that doesn’t burn, but what it does is hold the heat so it smolders.”

Leaving her two story home covered in soot and the smell of smoke, ”like, horrible, dirty, wet smoke.”

And where there’s no soot, you’ll find water damage, “the upstairs ceiling is falling in because of the water they had to use,” Rumsey added.

From the outside of their home, you’d never know the extent of the damage.

While no one was seriously injured, Rumsey said the smoke was so overwhelming that her husband needed medical attention, “my husband got a little sick, and they took care of him in the ambulance.”

FEMA estimates lightning causes about 7,000 structure fires each year.

Rumsey thanks Denison Fire Rescue for getting to them so quickly, “they did a fantastic job, Denison should be proud.”

And just a few reminders to stay safe in a thunderstorm, the CDC said to avoid water, like showering, don’t touch anything connected to an electrical outlet, and stay away from windows and doors.