Estate sale brings crowd to Ardmore mansion

Estate sale brings crowd to Ardmore mansion
Estate sale brings crowd to Ardmore mansion(KXII)
Updated: Jun. 2, 2023 at 6:14 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - One of Ardmore’s most well-known homes is busy this weekend, as Ardmorites filed in and out of an estate sale.

The Colvert Mansion has been an Ardmore landmark for a hundred years.

For many people, this is their first peek inside.

“It’s an interesting place and it’s kind of mysterious,” local doctor Thomas McCulloh said. “Because no one was ever around to go it that I knew of. It was just an opportunity to see the facility.”

Dana Boyd and her husband are running the estate sale.

“I think its been a privilege that we’re all able to be able to tour the home and see it,” Boyd said.

Boyd said everyone that’s come by has a story about the Colvert mansion... the dairy... or the family.

The mansion was built in 1908... it has three stories... a basement... a carriage house... and more.

In 1924, the home was bought by Raymond Colvert Senior, owner of Colvert’s Dairy- one of Ardmore’s major employers until the late 70s.

“We heard it was haunted when I was a kid,” McCulloh said. “So we’d drive by and just kinda look at it from afar. I’ve never been in here.”

This week, the house was opened to the public.

Visitors finally who could finally get a peek at what was inside- from old dishes and rugs to memories of the milk industry.

“All the reading material, an immense amount of reading material, and the history behind that reading material. I think that was what I liked the most,” McCulloh said.

“Everyone is excited about having a little memorabilia, a glass, a bowl, a spoon,” Boyd said. “There’s so much history here, I felt like it was really wonderful that the Colverts were willing to let everybody come in and tour the home.”

Boyd said contrary to rumors around town, the family hasn’t decided what to do with the house after the estate sale.

The sale will run through Saturday and after noon on Sunday.