Lost backpack containing flight logs returned to owner

Jacob Ainsworth's girlfriend Kay Head was cleaning out his truck when she accidentally left her boyfriend's backpack behind.
Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 11:15 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Jacob Ainsworth’s girlfriend Sky Head was doing something nice for him when she made a mistake.

“I took his pickup to go vacuum it from all the dog hair,” Head said. “I set (the backpack) out to the side and I drove off and I forgot it.”

Ainsworth said that he initially thought she was kidding when he got the phone call that his backpack was lost.

“I thought she was just joking around,” Ainsworth said. “Then she was crying over the phone.”

The backpack wasn’t that important, it’s what was inside that mattered.

“I have my logbook, which I have to have,” Ainsworth said. “I’ve documented all my hours and maneuvers and stuff that I have to do to take check rides and stuff.”

Ainsworth is earning his pilot’s license, and his logbook is the only comprehensive record of his flight experience.

“You have to have 40 hours to get your private (pilot’s license),” Ainsworth said. “I had way over 40, and all that time (would be) gone if I didn’t find it. It would’ve been real hard to get those hours back. A lot of money, too, because flying an airplane isn’t cheap.”

Over 100 hours of flight experience was gone, or so they thought.

“There was a guy down in the Atoka area, and he was coming to Durant for some reason,” Ainsworth said. “He’s at the car wash and he saw it, picked it up, and it turns out he was a pilot too.”

The fellow pilot saw the post about the missing backpack on Facebook and turned in the backpack to the Durant Police Department, giving this story a happy ending.

“(We are) just so thankful for that guy for to return that backpack, so thankful.” Head said.