Congressman Pat Fallon holds town hall at Grayson College

Congressman Pat Fallon addressed several hot topics at his town hall on Wednesday night.
Published: Aug. 16, 2023 at 10:35 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - From Hunter Biden, to the Trump indictments, all the way to our nation’s dwindling social security reserve, Congressman Pat Fallon addressed several hot topics at his town hall on Wednesday night.

“We need more people to demand accountability from not just me, but from all elected officials all the way from school board up to the presidency,” Fallon said.

One of the main points he touched on was Texas’ issue at the border.

“There are 4 million people trying to get into this country the right way from all over the world,” Fallon said. “Most of those very good people have to wait nine or ten years in order to get here, so I don’t want to have mass unlawful migration where those good people that do it the right way have to wait even longer.”

Citizens also had the opportunity to ask questions. One citizen asked how Fallon is reaching younger generations.

“The college kids that come to an event like this: let’s say there’s 50 kids there, there’s probably 40 that don’t agree with what I’m telling them,” Fallon said. “You can bring the mountain to Moses, Moses to the mountain, and you can reach them if they want to be reached. It’s hard if they don’t show up at all.”

One young man who showed up is political science major Jacob Alonzo. He says that it’s important for the younger Texomans to value and take part in every step of the democratic process of our country.

“I’m a really huge sucker on not just voting in presidential elections, but voting on all the other ones, because, honestly, when it comes to local elections, they are by far more important,” Alonzo said.

Fallon was also very outspoken about the state of the nation’s budget, and said that we may be looking forward to a government shutdown later this year if the democrats and republicans can’t reach common ground.

“We have a divided government with the Republicans in control of the House and the Democrats control the White House and the Senate, so I can definitely see an impasse,” Fallon said.