A+ Athlete: Lucas Morrison, Honey Grove

Published: Sep. 8, 2023 at 1:59 PM CDT
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HONEY GROVE, Texas (KXII) - This week’s A+ Athlete is Lucas Morrison from Honey Grove High School.

Lucas is currently ranked second in his class for the Warriors, a four-year member of FCA, and has earned academic all-district honors in three different sports. All while also being the BETA vice president at the state and national level.

“To be honest with you, he’s a great student obviously but he brings a lot of humor to the classroom,” said Honey Grove Social Studies Teacher David Lopez. “He’s a very popular kid, Vice President of the National BETA. So, people like him. People like to be around him, and he brings that everywhere he goes, the hallways, you look in it, there’s kids always around him.”

“You know, Academics, I know probably athletics isn’t going to take me as far as academics will,” said Morrison. “So, academics has always been a big deal, just trying to keep those straight, keep those in line and do my best where I can in schoolwork and stuff like that.”

On the field, Lucas brings the same fire. Earning 1st-team all-district on the football field, 2nd-team all-district on the diamond, and the title of Honey Grove Defensive Player of the Year out on the court.

“Everybody looks up to him, he’s got great leadership skills. Both vocally and leading by example,” said Honey Grove Football head coach Shane Fletcher. “Like I said, kids have a lot of respect for him, and they know that he’s so smart that he can get everybody lined up and make sure everybody is in the right spot.”

“Coaches are a big deal. They just kind of push us to see what life’s more about. It’s not really all just about sports, it’s always just about giving your best effort and going out there and trying your best,” said Morrison. “Just keep pushing when times are hard and if you’re having a losing season, hey next year let’s get working, let’s get a winning season. Kind of like in life, you get knocked down, you got to get back up. That sort of thing.”