First painting from Bob Ross show ‘The Joy of Painting’ listed for $10 million

The painting is from the very first episode of Bob Ross’ TV show, “The Joy of Painting." (KARE, MODERN ARTIFACT, YOUTUBE, CNN)
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 6:28 PM CDT
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MINNEAPOLIS (KARE) – A painting from the very first episode of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” has been listed for nearly $10 million.

Minnesota-based gallery Modern Artifact is selling the original oil painting titled “A Walk in the Woods.”

The painting bears Ross’ signature in the bottom left corner.

The artist painted it live on air in January 1983.

Ryan Nelson, the owner of Modern Artifact, said the painting has made a huge cultural impact.

The owner of an art gallery selling the first painting broadcast on Bob Ross' show said it is the rookie card of the artist. (SOURCE: KARE)

“This painting right here is the most important painting, you could call it the rookie card of Bob Ross,” he said. “This is the painting painted on Season One, Episode One.”

The current owner said he bought it earlier this year from a PBS volunteer who was there during the filming.

The volunteer said she bought it at the station fundraising auction just months after it was painted.

After the first episode premiered, the show went on for another 400 plus episodes and into the cultural zeitgeist.

The owner said that even though he listed it for sale, he’s in no rush to part with it.

He said he would like to share it with a museum or traveling exhibit.