A+ Athlete: Addisyn McDonnell, Collinsville

Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 1:34 PM CDT
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COLLINSVILLE, Texas (KXII) - This week’s A+ Athlete is Addisyn McDonnell from Collinsville High School.

In the classroom, Addisyn currently holds a phenomenal GPA of 4.07. Ranking her first in her class for the Pirates. She’s a member of FCCLA and the National Honors Society. All while being enrolled in honors and dual credit courses.

“I know I’m getting her A-game every day,” said Collinsville Math Teacher Kailey Davidson. “There’s not a time I’ve had her in class that was just not there and not mentally present in class. She’s always very with it, she’ll participate, answer all the questions that I ask and just does a great job.”

“It’s like something I always strived for and so I feel like when I see those grades and I see those hundreds coming out, it’s like motivation,” said McDonnell. “I’m like, well if I can do that last week, I can do that now and so it’s just something I always try to keep up with because it’s like a personal motivation really.”

Athletically, Addisyn brings the same mentality. Participating in four sports for the Lady Pirates. Earning offensive MVP in basketball, all-district honors in softball, regional qualifying on the track, and Defensive MVP for Collinsville Volleyball. Where she also has amassed an impressive feat with over 1,000 career kills.

“Overall, she’s just a great kid. You know, she’s high energy,” said Collinsville Volleyball head coach Callie Reedy. “She sings during practice, especially when there’s not any music playing. She’s always providing music. She’s a great leader, I mean hey, she’s just overall a very good individual.”

“Well, I’ve definitely learned if you make a mistake that you have to move past it,” said McDonnell. “I always say it’s in the past there’s nothing I can do about it so that’s really something I’ve used every day even like in sports, in the classroom, and just in my everyday life because there’s no reason to dwell on the past.”