Texomans remember Sherman’s Thrill Hill

The iconic Texoma landmark known as “Thrill Hill” was one of the casualties of highway construction in Sherman.
Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 7:35 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The iconic Texoma landmark known as “Thrill Hill” was one of the casualties of highway construction in Sherman.

The landmark on exit 61 off of US Highway 75 onto Texoma Parkway was closed in July for construction.

Residents, local celebrities, and the Sherman Mayor looked back on the iconic Texoma joy ride.

“Thrill Hill was known for many names, I mean it’s got the Lost Tummy Hill, the Hold Your Tummy Hill, things of that nature, but it’s really a Sherman landmark, and I know a lot of residents feel sad that it’s gone, myself included,” said Sherman Mayor David Plyler.

“I mean it’s a staple in the community,” said the person behind popular Grayson County meme Facebook page Grayson County Tea. “If you didn’t have money for Six Flags, that’s what you went and did, right? That was the ride around here. Also, it was just awesome because it was right by the DPS right there, so you really got thrown into the deep end as soon as you got your license.”

“Pretty sketchy, pretty scary. Especially for a girl from California that doesn’t even know this area four years ago. ” said local resident Naomi Corteau when describing the road. “I’m not used to that kind of thing.”

“I know a lot of people make it a challenge to see if they can actually get some air in their vehicle, but ahhh..” said a smiling Mayor Plyler.

“I can neither confirm or deny whether I caught air going over Exit 61,” commented Zac Grantham, a morning host for the 93.1 Katy Country radio station.

“Every time we are anywhere near it, even if we don’t need that road, if I’m not paying attention or the kids aren’t paying attention, my husband will deliberately go down that hill. Because everyone in the car goes ahh,” said Texoma resident Dawnita Voyles, mimicking a startled reaction to someone being startled by the hill.

“My favorite thing about it was when unsuspecting family members came into town, right, they never know it’s coming, and you do,” said the man who runs Grayson County Tea. “They always wonder why you are speeding up, well you’re about to find out.”

“I’ve lived here for 20 something years, and all my kids were born and raised here,” said Texoma resident Charles Cashion. When they were little, they’d be in their car seats, and we’d say ‘Alright, it’s time to get your tummy!’ and off the hill we’d go, and they’d laugh and scream, and really enjoyed it. Sad to see it go.”

“I like some of the changes they’ve made, if we can get through all the lane changes and all that, it’s going to be nice,” Corteau said.

“During the highway construction, we’ll see what they leave, but it’s a completely different type of rollercoaster,” said Mayor Plyler.