Veterinary employee attacked by Sherman Police K9 speaks out

The kennel technician suffered injuries to her eye, face, ear, hands, and arms.
Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 3:47 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - A Sherman Police K-9, Vulp, was permanently retired from the force earlier this month after two recent biting incidents.

He first bit a kennel technician at Texoma Veterinary Hospital and then a Sherman PD handler just months later.

Mackenzie Harmon, the kennel tech, said she was not just bitten by the dog, she was mauled.

In July, Vulp was being boarded at the veterinary office. She said this was not her first time working with the K9.

“I was taking him outside to potty,” Harmon said, “That’s when he turned on me and started biting my arms.”

Harmon said she then fell to the ground and he let go of her arm.

“I looked up and that’s when he grabbed the right side of my face,” Harmon said.

Unable to get away, she said she screamed for help for around 15 minutes while Vulp continued to bite her.

“I thought “he is about to kill me”,” Harmon said, describing what was going through her mind.

Finally, a colleague heard her pleas for help and pulled Vulp away.

“She thought I had no eye while the veterinarian was wrapping my arms,” Harmon said.

She was taken to Medical City Plano, where she underwent surgery and stayed for nearly four days.

“Vulp had damaged the bottom tear duct to my right eye, so they had to take the tear duct out,” Harmon said.

She also had nerve damage on her face.

“I don’t want to bash the police, I don’t want to bash Vulp,” Harmon said.

Sherman PD placed the K9 in confinement while conducting an investigation. They said they found no problems keeping him from being on the force.

Harmon said she was disappointed to hear Vulp was reinstated two weeks after her attack. He then bit another officer earlier this month leading to him being retired.

“After a dog gets the taste of blood, they’re going to do it again,” Harmon said.

Harmon’s injuries will take up to two years to heal, but it is not letting them stop her from becoming a veterinarian technician. She returned to work at the veterinary shortly after the attack.

Vulp is now with his handler but has been officially retired from service.