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Tom Hale is the News 12 weekend meteorologist.

I grew up in Santa Clara Valley, California, known for its serene weather. It wasn’t until I was 13, when my family moved to Chicago, Illinois that I fell passionately in love with weather. I remember getting off the plane, it was a hot and oppressively humid summer day and I hated it. But my attitude quickly changed as towering Cumulonimbus clouds developed, growing 50,000 feet into the afternoon sky. The heavy rain, driving winds, lightning and hail were breathtaking. Yes, I was hooked.

I began watching all the weather I could on the local Chicago TV Stations. I soon became a weather observer with my Thermometer and Rain Gage. Every day I would call the television stations and report my town’s high/low temperatures and rainfall.

During High School and College I had two weather mentors. WGN Chicago Meteorologist Harry Volkman, who in 1954 broadcast the nation’s first televised tornado warning over WKY-TV (now KFOR-TV) in Oklahoma City; and WLS Chicago Meteorologist John Coleman.

I followed in Harry’s footsteps, graduating from his Alma Mater, the University of Tulsa. While still in college I forecast the weather on TV in Fort Smith, AR. After College, my first fulltime TV weather job was in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

Wanting to return to Chicago I accepted a chief Meteorologist position in Green Bay, WI. When the chance to work at WLS Chicago with my mentor John Coleman opened up I jumped on it. John joined Good Morning America and then went on to found the Weather Channel. I moved on to the KPIX San Francisco near Santa Clara Valley. I thought I had come full circle.

Fascinated by Tropical Weather, I accepted the Chief Meteorologist position in Orlando, FL, where I was awarded the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval (AMS Seal #280).

In 1999, I joined NewsRadio 1080 KRLD and TSN as Staff Meteorologist. Since moving to Texas I have led countless hours of severe weather coverage. Under my watch, 1080 KRLD has been the recipient of four Edward R. Murrow awards for breaking news and continuous coverage of severe weather, including one for the 2007 Sherman, Denison & Gainesville Floods.

Some say the love of weather is part of my DNA. My grandfather was born September 8th 1900 in the “Storm of the Century”, the great Galveston Texas Hurricane. He was given the middle name “Storm”. I was adopted by the HALE family.

Finally full circle … TV Meteorologist in TEXOMA! My wife, Marilynn, and I are truly fortunate to be part of the 12 Media Family.

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