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Wava Denito is a University of Oklahoma graduate and has been working at KXII since July 2013.

Wava Denito is a University of Oklahoma graduate and has been working at KXII since July 2013.

She was born and raised in Lucas, Texas, so being close to family is important to her. Plus, she’s familiar with the weather patterns we encounter as she’s had to deal with it for most of her life.

Wava’s interest in weather started off a little different than most meteorologists. She had many career options, including becoming a chiropractor like her father, or maybe a dancer like her mother. One true passion Wava pursued was to become a professional track and field athlete. Her best events were short sprints, and her love and hard work for the sport in high school paid off (literally) when she was recruited to run track at a private college in Missouri.

Wava’s second year in Missouri is when she discovered she wanted to study meteorology. She took a meteorology night class and was immediately hooked on the science, and decided then that she needed to transfer schools, leaving behind her track career and starting a new dream! After some research, the University of Oklahoma had one of the top meteorology programs in the nation and was exactly what Wava was looking for. She loves to entertain, and since she used to model and act when she was younger it only seemed right for her to study broadcast journalism for her minor so that she could be on TV!

To gain experience, Wava joined OU Nightly, which is the student run live news broadcast on the OU campus, and she did weather briefings on Mondays during her senior year. Wava interned at CBS 11 in Fort Worth during the summer of 2012. Every day there was a thrill to her and encouraged her even more to pursue meteorology.

After three years at OU, Wava’s hard work was rewarded with a degree from one of the most difficult meteorology programs in the United States. Her starting freshman class in the meteorology program was roughly 150 students, and one third of the class wanted to go into broadcast. By her senior year, her class was down to about 40 students, and it was just her and one other classmate that dreamt about being on TV.

Wava is grateful for all the love and support she has received from family and friends, and she couldn’t have made it this far without them. She says that starting her career at KXII is one of the best decisions she has made, and she would not change anything if she had the chance. She looks forward to her time here at KXII, and is ready to grow and learn as part of our news family.

When she is not at work, Wava is a very active person, either in the gym or outside when the weather is nice. She loves to get involved in 5K runs and also talk to kiddos about weather.

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