Two arrested following armed robbery and manhunt

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BENNINGTON, Okla. -- Deputies say the hunt is over after two armed robbers were on the run in Bryan County.

Deputies say Stacy Williams and Gwen Williams ran out of gas on Wilson N. Jones Road in Bennington Sunday night, so they decided to steal some from a Mustang parked nearby.

Officers say a neighbor came to see what the couple was doing.

"I don't think the neighbor necessarily thought they were going to stumbled across a crime being committed," Investigator Bryan Calloway said. "Once they got over there, they realized what was going on."

Deputies say Stacy pulled a pistol on the neighbor while Gwen pointed a rifle at her.

The two ran off before getting any of the gas.

When the sun came up, a man witnessed Stacy trying to steal a truck and called 911.

An officer then located him in some nearby bushes.

"As Stacy approached the deputy, he knew our procedures because he lifted up his shirt and started spinning around to show us he didn't have a firearm," Calloway said.

Stacy was taken to a hospital for some minor cuts before being booked in jail.

Gwen was arrested a few hours later at her dad's house on Nail Street.

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