Horse whisperer preaches life lessons while taming mustang

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Horse whisperer Dr. Lew Sterrett, known for his ministry, Sermon on the Mount and his equine relationship training, came to Ardmore Thursday after an invitation from the Salvation Army.

Dr. Lew Sterrett lens onto OJ, a mustang from Carter County during a free event by the Salvation Army on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019.

He’s on a two-day tour in Southern Oklahoma and came by to the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore Thursday evening to teach life lessons of development through taming wild mustangs.

"We use horses of every stage of life, training and development, and relational response to the trainer to illustrate human relationship principles and especially faith-based as we relate to the Salvation Army,” Dr. Sterret said.

The performance was open to the public with concessions provided with an optional donation.

The stands at the Coliseum filled up and friends Gail Brown and Jill Crabtree came from Ada to catch the one of a kind show.

“We’re excited to watch it,” Brown said. "Every person does something a little different and we're excited to see how he works."

"We always learn something from watching,” Crabtree said.

A mustang from each show is local and for the Thursday show, a 2-year-old mustang named OJ was brought in.

"I approve the horse to make sure that it fits the description of the message we are doing that night, and it is honestly represented as I want to represent it to the audience. You know, if it's ridden horse it's a different message, but this one is not ridden,” Dr. Sterrett said.

Throughout the demonstration, and while riding his horse and trusty companion Hansom, Dr. Sterrett finished the show by putting a saddle on OJ for the first time.

The Salvation Army said if anyone is interested in seeing Dr. Lew Sterrett, there is another performance in Marietta at 6:30 p.m. at the Love County Fairground Barn.