Card skimmers found inside two Marietta gas stations

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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) - A second gas station in Marietta is under investigation after a man claims his credit card was skimmed.

A second a gas station in Marietta is under investigation after a man claims his credit card was skimmed

"They want you to go inside and pay, y'know. It's kind of scary even doing that,” said Daniel Jones, who claims his card was skimmed.

For the second time in two months, a Marietta gas station was targeted by credit card skimmers from inside the store.

The Marietta Police Department did not release the name of the gas station but said a second location is being investigated on southbound I-35.

Jones claims to have been skimmed by the register and loss around $500.

"They had my card number, they had the three digits on the back, they had the expiration date and my pin number,” said Jones.

Marietta Police Officer Lance Glaze said the first Marietta gas station to fall victim was the EZ Mart on U.S. Highway 77 and Main Street. This location also had a skimmer placed inside of the store.

"After further investigation, we did locate the skimmer. It was on the inside machine and we retrieved the skimmer and it has been sent to the FBI,” said Glaze.

Glaze says he’s still waiting on the surveillance video, but the police department said they believe it’s a group of men working together.

Glaze said people at the pump or the register can check readers by pulling or tugging at the corners.

“If you're at a pump you can easily pull at the card reader and it pops off, it's a skimmer. If they are different colored than the rest of them, more than likely it's a skimmer,” said Glaze.

For Jones, he plans on using his money the old fashion way.

"They gave me a new card at the bank, and I told them I don't feel like using this. I'm probably just going to use cash now,” said Jones.