1 adult, 2 kids from Denison dead in Plano crash

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DALLAS (KXII) -- "I work so hard to protect them," said Lasanda Moore, mother of the kids.

"Everybody is devastated. This is a tragic loss for everybody," said their grandmother, Lori Hardin.

This was the scene of the crash that claimed the lives of three people Friday afternoon.

Eighteen-year-old Dennis and 6-year-old Nikyria died at the scene. While 11-year-old Johnathon died at a Plano hospital.

"I tried to save them but I knew my daughter was gone," said Moore.

"I loved spending as much time with them as I could and I'm going to miss them," Hardin said.

The family was driving back to Denison on U.S. Highway 75 when Plano Police said the driver lost control of the car near Park Boulevard, hit a pole and flipped.

Another car was involved in the accident, but that driver was not hurt.

The mother of the kids, Lasanda Moore, arrived back to Denison Saturday afternoon with her daughter's sweatshirt and her son's binder in hand.

"I got Johnathon's binder because he's going to need it for school because he loved school," Moore said. "I'm not talking like a crazy person because I know they're gone."

Police say Moore's fiancée was driving while she was in the passenger seat.

Lori Hardin is the grandmother of the victims and says two other kids were also in the car.

"My 12-year-old grandson is the one who survived and my step-granddaughter is in the hospital still in pretty bad shape."

Hardin says the 18-year-old who passed away was a friend, but says he was equally a part of the family.

"Hopefully we'll find his family if not we will take the responsibility and give him the proper burial he deserves."

The family asks for prayers and says it's still hard to believe.

"I don't know what to think sometimes I think I'm just going crazy."

Plano police say they are going to continue to investigate further to determine if the driver will face any sort of charges.

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