10-year-old Durant boy riding bicycle, recovering, after being hit by car

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)-- "I could see his bone, I could see the muscle, something that's definitely not going to be out of my head for a while," said Eric Mullens.

10-year-old Daxton Smith was riding his bike near his home with a friend on Thursday afternoon.

Eric Mullens, the boy's father says police say that Daxton was coasting down the hill on 4th Street to turn onto main street when he was hit by a car.

"The girl who was with him said he went air borne," said Mullens.

"So all I see him is go up, and then back down."

Summer Mantzey was with Daxton and says he couldn't stop his bicycle when he was hit.

The impact pushed him several feet across the street.

A medical helicopter flew Daxton to Medical City Dallas.

His father says Daxton has a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain and broken bones but is stable.

"His whole calf muscle was pretty much ripped off and flipped over," added Mullens.

Mullens says Durant police told him the driver would not face charges because Daxton was at fault for not yielding.

Police could not confirm if in fact the driver would not face charges.

They did say that pedestrians only have the right of way if there is a crosswalk, but there was not one nearby.

"It's just like a replay button keeps going on in my head of what happened," said Mantzey.

One man who didn't want to be on camera said that cars speed through this area often.

And now he, like Daxton's father want the speed reduced or signs put up to warn drivers of kids in the area.

"Slow down because it could be their child next time that get hurt," said Mullens.

Donations to the family to help with medical bills can be made on GoFundMe.