100 Who Care Grayson County begins second year of giving

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) "Our passion is Grayson County, we're giving it to Grayson County," said 100 Who Care chairperson, Sara Jerome.

Jerome calls the group a "direct give" initiative; to give back to local groups who need the most help in helping others.

"We give a stack of checks and cash about that big to the non-profits that win and we've had four chosen nonprofits last year and gave almost $40,000 last year," said Jerome.

She got the idea to bring a chapter to Grayson County from friends involved in a Michigan chapter. She was told it would take 3 years before the group would grow to have 100 people.

"I said y'all don't know me and you don't know Grayson County, Texas. So I was thrilled at our second meeting we had 100 people," said Jerome.

Members meet 4 times a year for an hour to vote on a nonprofit that will be the beneficiary of that quarter's donation. By the end of the meeting, each member writes a check for $100 directly to the chosen organization, giving them a total donation of $10,000.

"It's just a great feeling to be able to help so many people in an hour and we can raise so much money and do so much good for the people in our community," said 100 Who Care board member, Stacie Stuart.

Women Rock was the last recipient of 2019. Their award of $10,400 has gone a long way.

"We have provided for two biopsies, and we are providing a free 'mammo day' this Saturday at TMC where 40 women will have screening mammograms which could potentially save their lives," said director of Women Rock, Janis Fletcher.

At Tuesday night's meeting, the group voted on giving this quarter to Family Promise of Grayson County. They are a nonprofit that works with families who have children and are experiencing homelessness.

"This will enable us to provide more medical services, more counseling services. It will allow us to provide transportation assistance, after school programs for children. It's huge, it's really huge," said director of Family Promise, Leigh Walker.

Anyone can join the group as long as they can write their $100 check. The next meeting will be held in May.