11-year-old and 5-year-old brothers shot, investigation continues

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Investiagors said the shots were fired from the outside going into the home, which killed a five year-old and hospitalized an eleven year-old.

"Kids that would be out everyday, play basketball, play football, just being kids," said neighbor Temeeker Sommers.

Sommers said her five and eleven year-old neighbors were respectful and playful kids who were always outside playing basketball.

Both were hit by bullets late Sunday night inside this home off Elm and Washington in Denison. The eleven year-old was flown to a Dallas hospital, but the five year-old was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

"A baby has lost his life for no reason and he just started," said Sommers holding back tears. "He was just five."

Investigators are unsure if the shooter was on foot or if it was a drive-by. Neighbors said they heard as many as ten shots fired.

"We're following up on leads and gathering information on that but so far we don't have anyone in custody," said Denison Police spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler.

The Texas Rangers are helping Denison Police investigate this case and the motive is still unclear.

"We're still just continuing to work the crime scene and anyone with information we highly encourage them to contact the Denison Police Department with that information," said Lt. Eppler.

Sommers said this was a senseless and heartless crime.

"Nobody should ever have to go through that as a mother, a father, an aunt, an uncle, a sister or brother," said Sommers. "And just with us in the neighborhood to see these babies come out of that house last night it's utterly ridiculous."

As of now, the eleven year-old's condition is critical but stable.

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