2-year-old boy recovering after being dragged 35 feet by car

COLLINSVILLE, TX. (KXII)-- 2-year-old Sage Wilson is back home after spending thirteen days at the Cooke Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

On September 27, after playing outdoors with other kids, a family friend was backing up on the driveway.

The driver didn't see Sage was behind the car.

When his mom walked outside she found Sage crying and bleeding.

Jodi Parker, Sage's grandmother said, "I didn't know how bad, I knew it was a head injury I didn't know how bad he was hurt and what to expect".

A side of his head was completely scalped and he also had a fractured skull and a cut on his face.

Sage's parents rushed into their car and met with Indian Creek first responders near the First State Bank by Lake Kiowa.

Seeing that his injury was more serious than they expected, a medical helicopter was called to transport him to the hospital.

Sage is expected to make a full recovery, and his family is thankful for the quick action from everyone involved.

His grandma said, "He's an absolute amazing miracle".