Marshall County Sheriff: Routine call turns into pot grow bust

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The Marshall County Sheriff's office received a call Thursday morning about a man shooting and yelling at his neighbors. But as the deputies arrived, they found an illegal marijuana growing operation.

A marijuana leaf sits on a table at the Marshall County Sheriff's office on Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019.

Marshall County Sheriff Danny Cryer said Gary Jackson was illegally cultivating marijuana.

"He was upset when we got there. We disarmed him and then we found out that his house was completely covered in Marijuana,” said Sheriff Cryer.

Jackson had plants as tall as his house on Kachina Boulevard in Kingston, Okla., and Sheriff Cryer said 150 plants were confiscated and it’s worth nearly $27,000.

"Mr. Jackson did tell us that he was hoping to sell this and use the proceeds from it to get a growers license,” Sheriff Cryer said. “So, he was trying to do it illegally to promote a legal business at some point.”

The deputies who were at the scene said no neighbors were available to definitively say what provoked Jackson.

“He claims he had a neighbor shooting a slingshot at him and that's what had him provoked. We received calls yesterday about Mr. Jackson being involved in the same activities, screaming and yelling in his yard.” Cryer said.

None of the neighbors were injured and it’s reported that Jackson was firing his pistol into the sky.

The marijuana is currently at the Marshall County Sheriff's Office where it’s going to be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation where it’s planned to be destroyed.