Mosquito known to carry Zika virus found in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – The type of mosquito known for carrying the Zika virus has been found around Ardmore.

A project operated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma State University detected a small number of Aedes aegypti mosquitos.

“Finding this type of mosquito in Ardmore does not mean we have localized spread of Zika,” Carter County Health Department Administrator Mendy Spohn said. “For local transmission of Zika virus to be possible, mosquitoes must first pick up the virus from an infected person to be able to spread it to others.”

In Oklahoma, there have been 26 confirmed cases of Zika virus and all were acquired through international travel.

Spohn said the primary concern in Oklahoma is West Nile virus.
Ardmore City manager J.D. Spohn said the city’s mosquito control program will now include daytime activity because mosquitoes that carry Zika are more active during the day.

“Since this type of mosquito bites during the daytime as opposed to the species we most frequently see with West Nile Virus transmission, We will adjust our mosquito control programs to include daytime activity as well as continuing our ongoing evening and morning schedules,” J.D. Spohn said.

He asked citizens to be help in the fight against mosquitoes. “Please empty any standing water and eliminate potential areas for mosquitoes to grow,” J.D. Spohn said. “Residents play a critical role in protecting themselves in their own yards.”

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